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Come Work With Us

*Cover Letter (include years and types of psychotherapy experience)

*Our therapists are employees of Nassau Psychology PC and are excluded from providing psychotherapy services in the capacity of a private practice, group practice, or any other for-profit entity (excluding a community agency or not-for-profit) during their employment at NPPC. If you answer yes, we’ll look forward to your responses to the rest of these questions.


*What interests you in working at Nassau Psychology PC? 

What are your career goals?

*What is your theoretical orientation?

Explain how it informs your case conceptualization.

*Describe how you would work with someone with A. Depression and B. Anxiety

*How many clients would you ideally see during a week if you were hired?

What age groups and types of clients do you have experience working with?

Please email resume after submission to

Thanks for submitting!

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